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A Foreign Eye on Taiwan / 台灣外國眼

Hosted by the Lomography Gallery Store Taipei

Tuesday 01 July - Monday 04 August 2014

When & Where  /  地址和時間 :

No.35.Ln.187, Sec.1, Dunhua S. Rd. Da`an Dist. Taipei City 106 


Monday - Sunday / 14:00 -22:00

taipei@lomographyasia.com / +886 2 27736111

Activities  /  活動 :

Saturday 12 July - Workshop and Introduction - 20:00

Saturday 19 July - Street Photography 

Saturday 26 July - Street Photography



一遍又一遍 固定的時間起床,固定的店買咖啡,固定的上班路線,去固定的餐廳 吃飯遇見相同的人 多數的人,每天都過著一樣的生活 生活其實可以更有趣。

只要我們花點時間去感受周遭的世界,即使只 是短短的幾分鐘你會開始發現,在這片都市叢林裡蘊藏著你我都未 曾注意過的繁華角落

We spend most of our days repeating the same things over and over again.We wake up at the same time, we buy coffee from the same shop, we travel to the same place of work, we go to the same restaurants and we see the same people.

Day in, day out, it’s all the same. Life doesn’t have to be boring though.

If we take the time, if even only a few minutes each day, we begin to see the hidden treasures, sights and curiosities we take for granted in our daily grind.

It’s time to Slow Down and Shoot Film

The galleries below show both work exhibited at the Lomography Gallery Store Taipei, as well as some which didn't make the final cut.

Got more to say, or just want to get in touch to say hi?  Sure.

Send me an email at:


Exhibited Work

Bonus Material

When it comes to Taiwan, there's beauty everywhere.  

As a result, choosing what to print and put on display was a very difficult choice.

Here are some of the photos which made it so difficult to choose.

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