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Part online backup, part self-promoting conceit, this space helps me keep tabs on my photographs, as well as share a few select snaps with those who have an interest in film photography.  Everything here was shot using still photographic, or cinematic film.

Hopefully, it shows what can be achieved in-camera with no post-production filters, actions, or airbrushing.

Admittedly, a handful of photos have been straightened or cropped for effect, where my eyes and hands failed me.

Specific characteristics of each roll of film are a result of the stock used, its age, the chemicals and processes used for development and the scanner used to digitally capture the processed film. 

Use the menu to access ALBUMS by film format, type and date.  If you prefer, you may also view all photos in a particular month using the http://ultracrack.smugmug.com/AlbumsARCHIVES link.

Contact me at: ultracrackphoto@gmail.com. This archive is normally a few weeks behind, so if you see something you like somewhere else on the web, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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